Cana Genetics CBD Lab Reports.

Why are lab reports needed in the first place?

Since the present-day cannabis industry is largely unregulated, some “manufacturers” and processors of the herb can pretty much get away with whatever they want in terms of how they label their products.

This presents quite the conundrum for the innocent customers or genuine customer who wants to find a goodsafe, and effective CBD Product that will help them get the most out of there CBD food supplement.

Lab reports are basically a means to provide an unbiased verification of what’s actually in the product that you’re buying.

( All Cana Genetics products contain the legal amount of THC that will not show in a drug test)

CBD Oil 20% – Batch Code:/ Cana-Test20
CBD Oil 30% – Batch Code:/ Cana-30
CBD Oil 40% – Batch Code/CBD40-10

CBD Capsules – Batch Code:/ CanCap1000-01

CBD ISOLATE – Batch Code:/ Canaiso
CBD 1000mg Vitamin C Capsules – Batch Code:/ CBD4041

CBD Wax 66% – Batch Code:/0994
CBD HASH 10% – Batch Code:/0954

Herb Super Silver Haze (Pre Rolled) :/06_B6
White Russian Hemp Flower 19% :/4887

CBD Booster Shot :/5647

CBD 75mg Easy Dose 1ml :/198003-1

Bumble zest CBD Drinks :/2743759

CBD Sweets 500mg :/RS190212-001