CBD 600mg CBD Disposable Vape – 1ml 300 Puffs


CBD Vape pen easy to use and full of flavour!!!


Disposable CBD Vape Pen is the ultimate answer for those looking to try easy-to-use vaping with their own incredible broad-spectrum CBD.

Finding the perfect balance between authentic flavour and a powerful CBD experience, each flavour uses terpenes extracted from this famous strain. This ensures that every last note of each individual taste comes through that comes with enough juice for 300 puffs. With this many uses you’re sure to come away satisfied.

Made with Orange County CBD’s award-winning broad-spectrum CBD extract, it will provide any user with a powerful selection of cannabinoids, ensuring an comprehensive experience without the influence of THC.

– Broad Spectrum 600mg CBD
– Disposable Vape Device
– Rechargeable
– Pre-filled with 1ml Broad Spectrum CBD Extract
– Infused with naturally sourced, food grade terpenes
– Instantaneous effects of vaping
– Up to 300 Puffs

Emulating the sweet flavours of California’s most famous strains, this will make for a perfect choice for an indulgent CBD hit for those looking to taste to strain-bow. Made with the highest quality CBD, Zittlez is sure to give you a powerful and relaxing hit.


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